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May 1, 2021 @ Downtown 312 (312 E. Choctaw Ave. McAlester, OK)



  1. Each team must arrive and check in between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. (The Armed Forces Day Parade starts at 10:00 am and we will start setting up immediately after it concludes.)
  2. At 1:30 teams will meet inside Downtown 312 for the cookers meeting to discuss rules and procedures and receive the official turn-in box. Immediately thereafter teams will participate in the steak draft where each team will select five choice-plus ribeye steaks and be provided ice and foil pans.
  3. Steaks will be turned in for judging between 4:00 pm and 5:00pm.
  4. Results will be announced at 6:00 pm.

Bring chairs, canopy for shade and all cooking essentials.
Cooking will be done in the street between 3rd and 5th streets on Choctaw Avenue.


  1. 1st Place – $1500
  2. 2nd Place – $400
  3. 3rd Place – $200

General Rules:

  1. The event will be judged by a panel of judges and will be in a “blind judging” format.
  2. The head cook of a team must be 18 years old.
  3. The Cookoff promoter/organizer will provide all the rib-eye steaks for the event. Each team will receive five steaks and must turn in one to be judged and three to be offered as free samples to the public.
  4. Turn in times will be announced at cooks meeting and cannot be changed once announced.
  5. Teams are subject to random ice chest inspections by any contest organizer.
  6. Should there be a tie after all tie breakers, the two teams would split the combined financial payout from the two payouts. Example: If 1st place is $1500 and 2nd place is $400 then the two teams would split $1900. The team behind them would become 3rd place etc.

Steak Cooking Rules:

  1. Cooks may cook on any fire or heat source.
  2. Each team needs to cook on a separate fire source with the following exception: Trailers that have multiple grills or large grills that are totally divided are allowed as long as each cooker has their own fire source.
  3. NO other rib-eye steak is to be present at the cook site other than the ones given to the teams.
  4. Steaks may not be removed from the teams numbered cooking area except to turn in the entry.
  5. Steaks should be cooked Medium (warm pink center).
  6. Steaks may be lightly trimmed before, but not after cooking.
  7. Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking)
  8. Steaks must be turned in whole and uncut on top of the provided foil disk with no garnish in the box.
  9. Foil disks must be placed in the box, silver side up and not folded in any way

Reasons for Disqualification:

  1. Ribeye steaks other than the ones provided for the event found in team area
  2. A steak turned in after the time window has expired
  3. Any foreign object found in the turn in box (this includes garnishes and separate sauces)
  4. Issued steaks are removed from the teams cooking area

Judging Criteria:

  1. Steaks will be judged with regard to Taste, Doneness, Appearance and overall impression
  2. The order of tie breakers for steak is: Taste, Doneness, Appearance and overall impression
  3. Total combined score from each category wins

This event has passed.

Congrats to all our competitors, and we’ll see you at the Grillmarks Steak Festival 2022!